Our guide to Keto

June 13 2019
After getting a lot of requests for keto options, we decided to dive into this whole thing and thought we’d share our take on it all

We're grown ups now

June 02 2019
While on the outside we might like you to believe we’re a pretty poised bunch here at The Daily Bar, the reality this year so far has been something very different; in fact as a business and as a brand we’ve been shaking things up pretty drastically behind the scenes.

Our top 5 tips for kicking a Chocolate addiction..

April 25 2019
We’ve got a couple of self confessed choc lovers in the house ~ which don’t get us wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with!

Acai Brothers

October 16 2018

We’ve just launched 4 new incredible flavours in conjunction with Acai Brothers, and might we just say that we think these are some of our best flavours yet!

Guide to a Plastic Free Life

July 31 2018

We’re all about simplifying the hell out of things: so here’s our quick guide to a plastic free life, and all the ammo you’ll need to keep the plastic beast at bay

Making Impact

June 22 2018

To have spent this time in the company of purpose driven change makers, people who have walked the walk, has cemented in these youthful eyes that it is, in fact, possible to change the world like we first thought

A little (warm) welcome from Al x

April 12 2018

I think the combination of purpose and passion is a force to be reckoned with, and they are the absolute driving force behind The Daily Bar


August 17 2017

Inspiring the future for females

~ By Samantha Wills