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Fudgy PB Cacao
+ keto friendly

The most natural keto bar on the market, this bar not only will keep you going and going and going with 13g of plant protein and an abundance of healthy fats, but it also contains a huge dose of your daily nutrient needs, from the goodness of 7 different nuts + seeds

1g Sugar . 13g Protein

83% nuts, seeds & plant protein


Key ‘on the go’ nutritional features,

  • Full of healthy fats and proteins ~ for satisfaction and long lasting energy
    • Formulated on a base of Omega 3 rich healthy fats, coconut butter and cacao butter
    • With the addition of sprouted brown rice protein, an easily digestible/absorbable plant protein source
  • High Fibres ~ for fullness and gut support
    • As well as fibre from nuts and seeds, we also added in flax meal to this recipe, which is a great source of dietary fibres as well as being rich in Omegas, and having anti-inflammatory properties (a real hero at breakfast)
  • Nutrient Density ~ comprehensive macro/micronutrient profile
    • 70% nuts and seeds, this bar gets you going on your way with a huge dose of your daily vitamin and mineral requirements
  • No sugar alcohols / added sugars ~ sparing the  insulin crash
    • Sweetened with littlest bit of natural stevia, we’ve endeavoured to let the amazing raw cacao and peanut butter flavours do the talking


Peanuts*, Seeds* (Pepita, Sunflower, Sesame, Hemp, Flax, Chia) Coconut*, Cacao Butter*, Sprouted Brown Rice Protein*,Cacao Powder*, Cacao Nibs*, Pink Lake Salt, Stevia Powder*

* Certified Organic


Fudgy PB Cacao (keto friendly) Fudgy PB Cacao (keto friendly)

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Fudgy PB Cacao (keto friendly) Fudgy PB Cacao (keto friendly)

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
There's a reason it's called a Daily Bar

I'm a regular keto fudge Daily Bar eater. I'm very picky about snacks and still have not found anything else I approve of on the market apart from these! And I love the taste, not too sweet, perfect amount of Pb and chocolate.

Just divine!!

I absolutely LOVE these bars! They are a totally guilt free healthy snack option that tastes just divine!!!

Heavenly divine

The huge chunks of goodies in this bar are so satysfing. Combination of flavours is perfect. This is the best PB bar I have ever tried. Snack is becoming the best meal of the day 😍.

Yummiest Keto bar I’ve tried!

So soft, but crunchy at the same time. Perfect bar which isn’t filled with sugar and is just filled with natural ingredients that taste delicious together.

So damn delicious (+filling)

I found this to be the ultimate afternoon brain fuel. The combo of fats + protein and low sugar just works so well for my brain. Love that these aren't too sweet either. So peanut buttery, yum!