WANT A TASTY SNACK? We've created that for you!

Not into the health food scene? Skip this section where we rave about how good our bars are for you and go and choose yourself a delicious flavour instead.

So what’s all the fuss about?

Our bars are:

HONESTLY HEALTHY: We’ve literally taken a handful of nature’s most nutrient dense ingredients and mixed them together; that simple, that transparent and that healthy!

ORGANIC: We’re going to keep preaching the organic way, because to us, it’s something worth preaching about! Essentially, how do you expect to achieve optimal health when you’re eating foods laced with toxic chemicals?

FACT: conventional (non organic) food is sprayed with herbicides, pesticides and other poisons 

FACT: These toxins remain in the food you eat, even once washed 

FACT: These foreign toxins enter your system and build up in the body, depleting your health.

Eat organic to help yourself and the planet!

    LOW SUGAR: Have you heard the news, its sugar not fat that makes you fat! Our bars have a little bit of natural sweetener in them (because lets face it, everything tastes a little bit better on the sweet side, and when combined with our other ingredients creates the most delicious flavours!) However sugar is sugar, so we’ve strived to minimise even these natural sugars making our bars blood sugar stabilizing and Low GI - so no post-snack sugar crashes in sight!

    HEALTHY FATS: Which leads us to our new best friend – healthy fats! For so long fat was mistakingly seen as the devil, many of us growing up with the familiar paradigm “Eat fat, get fat”. However science has now shown that healthful fats are essential for optimal health (and weight management) especially Omega 3’s which our bars are loaded with. Healthy fats fill you up and slow down the release of glucose into the blood, keeping you fuller for longer. They help to absorb essential vitamins, develop your brain, maintain healthy skin, and best of all are an amazing source of prolonged energy.

    HIGH FIBRE: It'a all about the gut these days and for very good reason - happy gut, happy life. Fibre is one of the best clearers of unwanted debris in the body, it literally sweeps the intestines of unwanted toxins, hormones, and fat. It feeds and fertilisers our gut bacteria (a good thing) making fibre essential for a healthy gut microbiome and optimal digestion. 

    HIGH PLANT-BASED PROTEIN: Like our friend the fat, proteins also have a great capacity to keep you satisfied by offering long lasting energy that really fills you up. As well as this weight management property, protein is also great for lean muscle growth and repair, keeping you nimble after activities.

    GLUTEN + DAIRY + GRAIN + SOY FREE: Love them? You won’t even notice they’re missing. Hate them? Not a hint of these allergens here! (And yes, cavemen, that does indeed make our bars Paleo)

    RAW: We wanted to keep things as close to what nature intended as possible. So our bars are produced using minimal heat (<40C) so as not to change the amazing nutrient profile of any of our ingredients.

    NO ADDED CRAP: No numbers, colours, preservatives, gums or other lurking baddies, just some of nature’s most nutrient dense ingredients, nothing else!

    HANDMADE: All our bars are lovingly handmade in our home Byron Bay - because everything tastes better when it’s made in paradise!

    EARTH FRIENDLY PACKAGING: Our bars are wrapped in a renewably sourced biodegradable plant fibre and packaged in our recycled card boxes, printed with vegetable inks by our amazing solar-powered printer. We think it feels pretty damn good to be green, will you join us?