The Daily Mission

The Daily Bar has a daily mission to tread lightly on the earth, leaving only the smallest carbon footprint possible. We want to be as kind to mother nature as she is to us. Delivering ingredients that are pure, original and wholesome in their most natural form.

We are proud to use ingredients that are honest to their roots, leaving the sprays and the chemicals out of it. Organic food is important to us, how can we expect our bodies to function at their complete potential if our fuel contains harmful pesticides and fertilisers? After all, we wouldn’t drink chemicals so why would we eat it?

It seems contradictory to cover what nature has provided us in plastic that takes up to 1000 years to decompose. So, we wrap our goodies up in completely compostable wrapping, taking only a few weeks to break down.

We are working with a solar powered printer to create boxes that are completely post consumer recycled and printed with non-toxic vegetable inks. Our inner wrapper is completely renewable and biodegradable, throw it in your compost bin and you will be an environmental champion.

A bar that educates and satiates, saying thank you back to the earth will be the best thing you do all day – enjoy.