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Whats your healthy snack desire?

Glowing skin?

Mood enhancing afternoon pick-me-up?

Brain clarity and focus?


Find your daily health bar with our sample pack of all 7 Daily Bar flavours

Sample pack contains 1 x 50g bar of each flavour + FREE SHIPPING 


ANTIOXIDANT with Macadamias, Mixed Berry + Acai         

CHOC COCONUT FUDGE with Cacao, Coconut + Tahini

ESPRESSO FUDGE with Coffee + Cacao + Chia          

MINT CHOC CHIP with Spirulina, Peppermint Oil + Cacao Nibs

PB DECADENCE with Peanut Butter + Dark Chocolate

SALTED CARAMEL with Cashews, Mulberries + Mesquite

YOGI CHAI with Chai Spices, Almond Butter + Walnuts


*Please note free shipping applies to sample pack only, standard shipping rates will apply to any further items in your cart 

Sample Pack (7 Bars + FREE SHIPPING) Sample Pack (7 Bars + FREE SHIPPING)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Yummy healthy & recommended

I tried the sample pack with free shipping, so every flavour. I was far from dissapointed- all were very tasty with the mint being my favourite. My husband enjoyed them so much he decided to buy more as he was eating my daily snack. Highly recommend, very tasty, relatively filling as well as a snack, healthy. Thanks for making tasty bars!

Love these bars

Nutritious, Tasty and doesn't send my blood sugars skyrocketing. I loved all the flavours !

Delicious and healthy bars

I loved the flavours of most of the sampler box. I will definitely get more of these lovely Daily bars.

Price is just fine for the very good quality product, excellent presentation and delivery time.


These bars are so delicious. I purchased the sampler selection. I have a sweet tooth so I favoured the more sweeter ones but all in all YUM. Definitely worth the money.

Bars of Excellence

I got the sampler box, so got to try all the flavours. Yes they are expensive, but I think it is a reasonable price for such a healthy treat that is totally organic and made in Australia. The packaging is beautiful, absolutely superb, but I do wonder if less beautiful packaging would reduce the cost of the bars. I found each one to be very true to its stated flavour*, none of that 'peanut butter flavour but wow actually tastes like chemicals' disappointment. The texture is really good, the fudge ones do have a fudgey vibe. They are quite filling too, so perfect for breakfast, or snack, or... whenever really!
Because of the price I decided to make my own healthy bars. Then realised no, that is never going to happen. So I will definitely be purchasing more of these and highly recommend them. Look I'm doing a review, I usually delete review emails immediately. If you think a flavour sounds appealing, buy it, and know that it will actually taste like mint choc chip, or peanut butter, or... antioxidant. The sample box is an excellent idea, BUT IT NOW.
*i am not eating the chai one. not a fan of those spice flavours. I am saving it for a chai chugging mate who I am sure will love it.