Why The Daily?

Why the Daily Bar you ask? You know those times when you’re in a rush; you want something sweet and satisfying, but not too naughty? Well, those times were the ones that gave birth to The Daily Bar.

We began to understand that our bodies speak to us in different ways every day. After the beach we wanted something healthy, uplifting and fresh, so a Gut Loving bar is what we made. After dinner we wanted something gooey without the guilt so we created the Salted Caramel bar. We listened to our bodies and tendered to its different needs by creating a bar for every occasion no matter how we were feeling.

We got tired of eating sugary snack bars with dates, processed protein powders, and those tricking us with their advertising buzzwords - blanketing yet another vegan junk food. We didn’t want to eat food thickening gums and tapioca starches, hidden under the ‘gluten free’ safety net. We didn’t want to eat preservatives or numbers or anything else for that matter, all we wanted was real organic goodness that spoiled our tastebuds without spoiling our health.

So, we got creative, putting things in our bars that even a child could identify. Trial and error had never been so fun, or tasty. We chopped and changed to create flavours using nature’s finest ingredients all while ensuring that the ‘snack’ had the desired effect, filling, satisfying and delicious. 











Founder of The Daily Bar and food concoction genius Al, is a bit of a ‘wake up at 6, yoga, coffee, work, surf, home, dinner’ kind of gal, not leaving much time for that time forsaking meal planning business. “I wanted to create the perfect snack,” she says "whether it be to fuel me for an active day, or just as that something that gets me through a long afternoon at work", and so she did! Musing away in the hinterland of Byron Bay, recycling, creating and nature-immersing, Al is proud to be fuelling her fellow adventurers out there in the most natural, nutritious and fun way!